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Found this site a week or so ago when seeking plant identification. Hope to learn what plants I'm photographing and more!

Friday 6 15 12

Added a Grevillea (pink pearl?), looked like Rosemary which helped me trace it to it's family. Interested in learning which plants are edible. Tall bush w several stalks containing flowers will be my next research, as I noticed pods on the plant I was photographing today. That would compliment my training in beginning emergency response. You never know when it might come in handy to know whicch plants are edible.
All over the place trying to google the stalky plant. Posted it.

Sunday 6 17 2012

Gardengeek can't see stalky plant image. Why? While I've enjoyed the previous days outings, tiring. Glancing at HHG photo tips..good basic advice considering I have basically no knowledge re photographing. Have experimented w different iso settings but not sure what is meant by turning exposure down. Will follow up on this. Also interesting to learn how 'digital zoom' is different from 'optical zoom'. Have a basic Fuji that does not have a digital zoom that I am aware of. Also now have a basic Canon that does have a digital zoom. It will be interesting to see the difference somewhere down the road when I invest in a camera w better optical zoom. Back later.

Downloaded the Fuji manual and researched the exposure adjustment. Time to fool w it.

Exploring the Fuji manual. W my experience of approx 1 year and the tips I'm reading here settings etc begin to make sense.

Thanks HHG.

Novice Photographer Exploring Plants

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June 17, 2012

Thanks, going to try to learn why you can't see the plant that you thought might be a Kangaroo Paw. It's not this is much bigger than even the pics of wild KP that I've seen and not fuzzy although the flowers (?) do curve upward in similar way.

Great to know info on Magnolias history.
June 16, 2012
Magnolias are the grandmother of all flowering plants.
If you post this on it's own plant page, it will show it's relatives and it's location on the Tree of Life.


June 16, 2012
Looks like a Magnolia
Family: Magnoliaceae

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