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Location: Mayetta, Kansas. growing in backyard by tree stumps

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from right to left is the 4 growing stages until just becoming completely droopy and black. The underneath starts out black until it completely takes over the mushroom at end of life. The stalk generally stays whitish and silky. these have bloomed for years and years, starting in mid spring, now again late spring early summer and I believe at least will bloom at least 3 more times through summer and fall. Any help identifying, and letting me know if they are edible or poisonous would be greatly appreciated. thank you

unknown mushroom,
From right to left are the 4 different stages of its life. It is always black underneath then eventually after the 4th stage be shriveled and all black. I would like to know if it is edible or poisonous.


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August 05, 2017
Inky cap. Edible when gills are fresh and not liquid ink, that is when gills begin self-digesting. Do not consume within 72 hours of use of alcohol.

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